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March 12-19, 2005

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LaraLynn, Inc.
Traveling the World, for the Experience of a Lifetime

The concept for what was to become LaraLynn, Inc. has been brewing for several years, however the realization did not materialize until a family reunion brought two brothers (Tom & Steve) together around a cook stove. Tom Sarg in Rome

During a conversation at their mother's 75th birthday party, Tom mentioned how much things have changed in the past couple of years. And how he missed the amount of traveling he had done, when he was with a national non-profit based organization.

Steve reminded Tom of the conversations that they had had a couple of years prior when Tom had told of an experience he had in England. During that trip, he noticed a small group of elderly people who were taking a tour with the assistance of one individual. Tom had mentioned to his wife, Vicky, that this would be something that he would enjoy doing, since he enjoys traveling and being of service to others. They both agreed that if he should ever leave the national organization then he should get involved with directing tours for others.

Tom & Steve's conversation grew into their joy of cooking. Steve mentioned that he had seen web sites for culinary tours in Italy. But they were classroom-based and they were very expensive. Tom visited a family friend who is an Art Professor at the local Community College. He was discussing his upcoming trip with his students to Italy as part of an annual study of art. By the end of the birthday party Tom and Steve knew it was time to take the leap into starting their own business.

Immediately Tom began planning a culinary tour of Rome and surrounding areas. Tom chose Rome because he had organized a 8-day tour for a groups up to 425 people, to Rome, Assisi and Tivoli. Tom has many contacts in Italy and knew he could put a very good tour together with the help of those contacts.

Next, Tom decided to expand the location of the tours to include the island of Mallorca, Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. Tom had organized a tour of Mallorca for up to seventy people. Tom has also organized all aspects of national meetings for groups up to 750. He has also assisted in organizing international meetings for groups varying from 350 - 20,000. Steve brings over 23 years of experience in manufacturing and project management. As a Director of Manufacturing in a global electronics firm, Steve has the abilities to link the importance of customer's needs, quality requirement, governmental regulations and the development of new products / services. His intensive training in project management will be a major asset to LaraLynn, Inc.

One night, as Steve and Tom were e mailing back and forth to each other (Steve lives in California and Tom lives in Texas) they realized that they needed a name for their corporation. Steve came up with the idea that this business would not be able to get started if it wasn't for the support of their wives. Steve put together his wife's maiden name (Evangelina Lara) and Tom's wife's middle name (Lynn) and came up with LaraLynn, Inc. As they talked about the tour packages that they wanted to offer, it was decided that each type of tour should be its own division of LaraLynn, Inc.

As Steve and Tom began to organize their business they came up with a name for the culinary tours. It was to be 3Ps Culinary Tours. The 3 Ps represented the fact that the tour participants would have the opportunity to witness the Preparation of meals, witness the Presentation of the meals to the customers, and they would come to realize how the meal was pleasing to the Palate. After some time, it was decided that the word Pleasing was an integral part of the entire package and so they renamed the culinary tours to: 4-Ps Culinary Tours.

Steve and Tom also developed a spiritual tour since Tom has many contacts with the religious organizations around Rome and the surrounding regions. It was decided that another division of LaraLynn, Inc. should be made. True Passions – Spiritual Tours focuses on individuals and church groups that would like to make a pilgrimage to Europe.

While on the trip to confirm tour itineraries, Tom & Steve met with city officials about a project for sharing information about farming and environmental issues. They asked if we could help with their endeavors. Tom had lived in the U.S. Heartland for many years, and has many contacts. With this information and background the Farmers Exchange Agriculture Tours were developed. Hopefully it will prove to be a tremendous "F.E.A.T." for the ecology.

One of the greatest concerns for LaraLynn, Inc. was to provide tours that would be all-inclusive, value-packed, and economical. Steve and Tom began studying the various tours that were already being offered and they soon realized that because of their contacts in Italy and Mallorca, they would be able to offer much greater tours at a more reasonable cost than what was being offered.

Finally, Steve and Tom both agree that the purpose of this business is to provide a high quality tour at a very affordable cost. For that reason, they do everything possible to keep the value up and the costs down.

LaraLynn, Inc. wants everyone who participates in these tours to be our greatest salespersons. If we provide the quality, at a very reasonable price then our customers will want their friends and relatives to experience that same level of pleasure.

Traveling the World, for the Experience of a Lifetime.
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