Italy Gourmet
 March 5-12, 2005
 April 2-9, 2005
 May 7-14, 2005
 June 4-11, 2005
 July 2-9, 2005
 August 6-13, 2005
 September 3-10, 2005
 October 1-8, 2005
 November 5-12, 2005
 December 3-10, 2005

 Island of Mallorca
 March 12-19, 2005

 April 9-16, 2005
 May 21-28, 2005
 June 11-18, 2005
 July 9-16, 2005
 August 13-20, 2005
 September 10-17, 2005
 October 15-22, 2005

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 Custom Tours

Division of LaraLynn, Inc.
Custom Tours - LaraLynn, Inc.
Traveling the World, for the Experience of a Lifetime

We will provide custom tours to most major cities in Europe.  Our commercial-packaged tours are to the most popular cities, where we usually take small groups.

For large groups, we have created custom 8-day tours to Rome for up to 425 people and Mallorca for up to 70 people. 

We also offer spiritual pilgrimage tours for small groups.  True Passion Spiritual Tours, a division of LaraLynn, offers spiritual tours of European religious sites that receive worldwide acclaim.  Visit our spiritual tours web site at truepassiontours.com to see what we can do for your group.

We have over 10 years experience in organizing USA national conventions for groups up to 750 attendees.  We have assisted in organizing international meetings for groups varying from 350 - 20,000 people.  Contact us.

Traveling the World, for the Experience of a Lifetime.
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