Italy Gourmet
March 5-12, 2005
April 2-9, 2005
May 7-14, 2005
June 4-11, 2005
July 2-9, 2005
August 6-13, 2005
September 3-10, 2005
October 1-8, 2005
November 5-12, 2005
December 3-10, 2005

Island of Mallorca
March 12-19, 2005

April 9-16, 2005
May 21-28, 2005
June 11-18, 2005
July 9-16, 2005
August 13-20, 2005
September 10-17, 2005
October 15-22, 2005


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"My husband and I went on our first trip to Europe on a tour organized by Tom Sarg. We were so pleased with everything he provided for us – lodging, meals, sites, transportation, and an affordable price."

"We went on well planned tours of Rome, visiting all the important sites. We had enough time to see the sights without feeling rushed. Our tour included some meals at exquisite, family-style restaurants giving a taste of the country's cuisine and customs. Our tour even included a much appreciated "free" day for shopping or touring."

"We highly recommend Tom Sarg's tours. They are well planned, affordable and filled with many special extras that make the trip more memorable. We will forever remember our trip to Rome and we look forward to planning another trip with Tom Sarg."

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